Our maing goal is to connect our growers with the whole world. A shared effort which allows us to offer the best coffee and cocoa beans.

We offer sustainable products with the unique an d exclusive flavor profiles development for each of our clients aimed at improving all the coffee and cocoa chains agents quality of life.

We are commited to show the world
the great Peruvian biodiversity of flavours.


Our cacao is sourced directly from Organic Fairtrade certified cooperatives in Peru. We are committed to delivering high quality and we can do that thanks to the dedicated organic farmers that produce our wonderful cacao.

Puro Perú

Puro Peru work begins by selecting ethically sourced and flavorful cacao, primarily from our favorite cacao growing regions. All our products are made with love, passion and care.


We aim to promote consumer demand for sustainable products. This is providing an opportunity for elevate our commitments with the cocoa growing communities and the planet.

Peru is one of the five countries with the greatest biodiviersity on the planet. It has 84 of the 104 life zones in the world, 11 ecoregions, a wide variety of ecological floors and productive ecosystems.

Peru has 11 coffee producing regions and 16 cocoa producing regions nationwide. Peruvian coffee and cocoa are not only rich in flavor and aroma, but also in history, culture, and landscapes.

We manage quality
from the fields

We provide technical assistance to
organizations that are part of our
supply chain

In the last five years, we have prioritized our resources and processes exclusively in the agro-export of organic cocoa beans.
As a result, 85% of the company’s sales are organic cocoa beans.
We make sure that our products fit the highest standards guaranteeing consistency and trust to our clients.

We make sure our products
have the best quality.

We maintain very strict protocols regarding our biosecurity.