Campo Verde is a Peruvian company specialized in the export of high-quality coffee and cocoa beans, since 2005.

Our main objective is to be the bridge that connects the effort of small producers with the world. We work with selected organization of certified producers from specific regions in Peru.

Quality is
present in all
our process

1. Selection of producer´s partners

During year, we visit each community to visit farms, know personally the farmers and their facilities to provide training in post harvest processes. And, we collect the harvested beans that has complied with our quality stadards.

2. Quality control

We check beans quality through analysis physical and sensory, storage conditions and moisture content, Finally, we analyze each lot before each shipment.

3. Internal logistics

We management the transport and warehousing, in order to guarantee the quality of the raw material to be commercialized. Then, we packaging the products according to customer´s requirements.

4. Export

We supervise from the container lined and coordination in the export processes to a feedback post sale with our client.

Commercial operations must protect ecology in the production regions:
The method of extraction or collection of raw materials does not harm the environment. The use of strong and harmful chemicals is not required. The use of raw materials does not lead to the degradation of natural resources.
The efficient use of energy and materials is promoted.
Producers must properly dispose waste.Economic benefit for the community:
Opportunities for employment and community participation are provided.
Women and indigenous peoples are empowered.
Child labour is not permitted.
Working conditions that aim at the health and welfare of workers are promoted.Equal benefits for all the parts are sought