Packaging Solutions

We offer packaging solutions for coffee and cocoa. We have quality food-grade jute bags and 100% recyclable Ecotact plastic bags, which serve to preserve the quality and freshness of coffee.

Ecotact Bags
Ecotact bags are hermetic multilayer plastic bags for storage. The ecological plastic bags are extremely resistant and have a high barrier against oxygen and moisture which keeps the freshness of green coffee sealed through the supply and storage chain.
Ecotact Sampler Bags
Shipping green coffee coffee samples from producers, threshers, traders and roasters is one of the most critical exercises in the coffee industry. Our bags keep the graing quality intact.
FIBC Hermetic Bags
The FIBC Bags are flexible packaging of 01-ton capacity for bulk shipments of for storing graing. These are food grade polypropylene bags, with large capacity that can be stacked.
Conatiner Liner Bags
These polypropylene liners substantially reduce packaging and handling costs and, at the same time, provide safety, cleaning and hygiene solutions for food products. The basic materials used in these bags are food-grade and FDA approved.